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Venture Capital Company

This small company manages more than a dozen separate companies with common ownership. It had gone through a CPA and four bookkeepers before Hart was engaged to handle the task. One of the first priorities was finding and correcting errors, missing entries and improperly recorded transactions. Hart determined that the bookkeeping software being used for half of the companies was inefficient and converted them to a more suitable program.

As a result of the changes made in the bookkeeping systems and methods alone, Hart has reduced the actual time spent on bookkeeping tasks by over 30%. In all, three different software packages were used, depending on the needs of the individual companies. Hart has been responsible for tracking investments, foreign currency conversion, payroll entries, 1099 filings, property tax filings, internal billing, and working with several accounting firms for year-end tax reporting, both US and foreign.

Hart also revised the filing systems for the company and each of the companies it manages. This involved determining the types of files each company would require and setting up the files so that information would be easily retrievable. Separate files were set up for tax returns, payables, correspondence, etc. for each entity. Hart also devised a system to ensure that every check issued, voided or received was accounted for in each company.

When one of the companies expanded into online sales operations, Hart wrote all of the copy for several sites and provided the majority of the web site design. This has saved the company thousands of dollars in design and copywriting fees.


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