Business in Bed - Test your EQ (Entrepreneurial Quotient)

Here's a fun little quiz to measure your
Entrepreneurial Quotient (EQ)

Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes to succeed in business? Most of us have asked that question more than once. Although nothing can guarantee your success, multiple studies have found that there are a number of characteristics that are common among successful business people. These characteristics are listed here.


1. Overwhelming desire to achieve and succeed. This desire motivates successful people to push ahead regardless of the circumstances. It rises above the need to be secure in a job.

2. Perseverance and persistence. Successful entrepreneurs keep going even when the road gets rough, because they are determined to win. They find creative ways to overcome obstacles, and learn to adapt and change in order to achieve their goals. If they get knocked down, they get back up and keep going.

3. Self-confidence: Successful business people believe in themselves, yet they are realistic about their own abilities and limitations. Rather than become paralyzed with fear and doubt, they are certain in their ability to find solutions and to succeed.

4. Creative problem-solving skills: Entrepreneurs who are successful are problem-solvers. They thrive on finding new ways of doing things and take problems in stride.

5. Self-motivation and initiative: The victim mentality is never found in winners. They know that success is up to them and they are willing to work hard and make things happen. They are able to work on their own without a lot of help.

6. Self-discipline and goal setting: Those who achieve success set goals and have the discipline to consistently work toward those goals. They are willing to sacrifice time spent on hobbies or other activities in order to make their business succeed.

7. Ability to make decisions: Successful entrepreneurs enjoy making decisions even in a stressful environment. They can identify problems, analyze the situation and decide on a course of action quickly when there are no apparent answers. They are willing to take calculated risks as the need arises instead of waiting around for someone else to tell them what to do.

8. Respect for money: Business people who have achieved success recognize the value of the dollar. They view money as a means of accomplishing goals and as a way to measure business success. They are careful not to waste money by frivolous spending, overpaying for things they need or under pricing their products.

9. Persuasiveness: Operators of successful businesses are excellent communicators. They know how to sell themselves and their product or service. These people are enthusiastic about their business and know how to inspire cooperation and confidence.

10. Knowledge and awareness of the market: Successful entrepreneurs know the practical aspects of producing their product or service. They are able to anticipate developments and make things happen. They are also sensitive to opportunities to make money that others may miss entirely.

11. Service-oriented: Customers are the lifeblood of every business. Successful achievers enjoy satisfying their customers, and are willing to do what it takes to attract new customers and retain current ones.

12. High energy level: Successful entrepreneurs are hard to slow down. They are continually moving, mentally and/or physically.

How do you rate yourself? BE HONEST! If you have ten or more of these traits, you are probably on your way to success. If you have eight or nine of these traits, you need to work on developing your weak areas and consider bringing others into your organization who are strong in the areas you are weak. If you have fewer than eight traits, you will most likely not be happy as a business owner. No survey, however, can determine an individual's ability to succeed. In the end, it is entirely up to you.

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