Small Office/Home Office Business Ideas

Do you need a jump start on ideas
for a profitable small office/home office (SOHO) business of your own
or some extra part-time income?
Check out these for starters:

  • Franchise opportunities: Just about anything you can think of has at least one franchise opportunity available - from fast food to auto repair to scented oxygen. There are many advantages of buying a franchise such as company training, proven track record, co-op advertising, protected territory, brand name recognition, business help, and others. But it comes with a price. Buying a franchise takes a lot of money up front. Then, ongoing franchise fees and often mandatory co-op advertising fees come off the top of your gross sales, whether or not you are making a profit. If you're looking at getting into this, research, research, research!
  • Proven opportunity with nutritional products: Make money selling great nutritional products, low cost start-up, your own free web site and email address. Go to
  • Gift baskets: New baby baskets, food baskets, special occasion baskets, wedding or shower baskets, new neighbor baskets - you name it. The possibilities are endless.
  • Shopping services: for the homebound, for busy executives, for people who hate to shop, for specialties. If you have a car, know your area, and have a knack for finding things, this could be the right niche for you.
  • Mystery shopper: Restaurants and retail stores will often pay a mystery shopper to report on service, attitudes, store condition, etc.
  • Floral sales: If you like to arrange flowers, you can sell small arrangements on a contract basis to businesses. Each week you supply a fresh cut bouquet in a small vase to offices in your town. They pay a monthly fee. You need a floral wholesaler to supply the flowers. Many community colleges offer flower arranging courses in their adult education noncredit classes.
  • Selling your knowledge: Use the Internet to build a business using your unique knowledge - whatever you have a passion for. Discover how you can make a living online.
  • Reselling: Anything goes here, computers, auto parts, clothing, antiques or collectibles, crafts, CDs, computer games. You can do it online, through an auction, from your garage, or from a store.
  • Party sales: These are not quite MLMs, but close. If you love cosmetics, candles, house-wares, toys, home decor, scrapbooking, fancy baskets, cooking tools, or any number of other products, and like talking to people, there are lots of options out there. Start up costs are generally fairly low.
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