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Quicken Home and Business: Expanded from the standard Quicken program, this user-friendly program offers many small business features such as invoicing, business financial statements, payroll, and business accounts. It also provides investment tracking and online banking capabilities. With its multi-file accounts you need only one program to manage both your home finances and your business finances. If you need a basic business bookkeeping system and don't need to track inventory, this one is excellent and relatively inexpensive.

QuickBooks and QuickBooks Pro: These programs are designed for businesses requiring more in-depth financial tracking, such as inventory, payroll, time tracking (Pro version), and accounting journal entries. Although very user-friendly and versatile, they both require more training than Quicken in how to set up and use them effectively, especially if you have no bookkeeping background. Most accountants are familiar with this software and can process year-end and other special entries easily. These programs are more expensive than Quicken, but still much less expensive than many other accounting programs.

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Business Plan Pro: This comprehensive business plan program contains everything you need to help you create your business plan in a complete and professional manner. If you need a thorough and well-designed plan for obtaining financing for your business, this software is a good choice and fairly inexpensive.

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