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Small Family Owned Retail Store

One of Hart's most challenging clients was a small retailer who kept all his books manually and whose methods were haphazard at best. Credit card transaction statements were not being reconciled and bank statements were not balancing with the check register. Hart was able to set up a system to transfer the data from his check register and credit card receipts and statements to an accounting program. This allowed the owner to see exactly where his money was going and how his business was doing financially.

Bank statements were reconciled in a timely manner once Hart took over the books. Hart also set up a spreadsheet to break out the credit card processing charges so the accounts could be easily reconciled. With the transactions computerized, Hart was able to provide the owner's accountant with concise and accurate reports. This saved the business several hundred dollars in accounting fees.

Prior to Hart managing the books, the owner never knew what his bank balance was. Hart was able to provide him with an accurate balance to help prevent his continuing overdrafts, thus saving him multiple overdraft charges each month. Unfortunately, in this instance, the owner's set patterns and resistance to change limited Hart's ability to further increase the efficiency of the business operation.


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