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There are some vital questions you need to ask before you jump into the marketplace thinking the world will beat a pathway to your door to buy whatever you're selling. Believe me, they won't unless you can at least meet these basic criteria:

1. Is it something people need or want?
2. Who will want this product/service?
3. Why would they buy it from you rather than someone else?
4. Is it something unique, of higher quality, with better service or with some other outstanding benefit that is difficult to find elsewhere?
5. Is there enough of a demand for your product/service to make it worth attempting to sell?

If you think you can sell the same thing on the Internet that people can buy at forty other locations and make money at it, you're heading in the wrong direction. Just because Pete down the street is making $20,000.00 a month selling whatchamacallits on his web site doesn't mean you can duplicate his success.

The key to success is to find a niche market for something and fill it. Then stand behind it with superior customer service.


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