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This company was struggling with an increasing bill each month for bookkeeping, errors on payments and inability to locate filed payroll and payables documents. There was also a problem with getting everything done consistently and in a timely manner. After determining their needs, Hart revised and simplified their filing system to allow quick retrieval of all payroll and payables documents.

Hart also corrected bookkeeping errors and has significantly reduced the monthly bookkeeping costs. Now their payroll and payables are completed on time on a regular schedule. There had previously been no way for the employer to track employee holidays, vacation time and sick leave, so Hart set up a simple visual system to track each employee's time off, thus preventing misunderstanding and backtracking to figure out hours.

With the revised filing system, this client has no more difficulty locating documents or verifying bookkeeping entries, saving him time, frustration, and emergency calls.

Save your time and your sanity. Let Hartworks, LLC eliminate the hassles of figuring out where everything should go. See our consulting page.


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