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You don't have to have a spacious office in a building downtown to be successful. You do, however, need a place set aside specifically for your business operations. Your space requirements will depend on what your business entails. For instance, if you are building welded metal sculptures you will need a far different space for your production than if you are using your computer to write a book.

Since your business has it's own unique production requirements, right now we'll deal only with the workspace you need to run the back-office end of your enterprise. You will need:

1. Enough space to set up a table or desk to hold your computer, phone, keyboard and place to write. Note: if it is in the same building as a shop for making your product, try to set up in as clean an area as possible or use dust protectors to prevent damage.
2. Adequate lighting to work without straining your eyes.
3. Space for storing the files you will be using for business records. Don't scrimp on this - it is vital.
4. A comfortable office chair to work in. (Contrary to the illustration on my home page, I do not advise working in your bed!)

These simple basic requirements are all you need to get started.


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