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  • Do you love your business, but hate doing all the "busywork"?
    As a business owner you are constantly bombarded with all sorts of marketing plans, ways to make money and new business ideas, yet almost everyone avoids tackling an even bigger challenge: the every day tasks of actually running your business successfully.
    • How can you keep track of important documents?
    • How do you make sure you don't miss an important legal filing date, appointment, bill payment or deadline?
    • How can you create a workable business plan?
    • How can you spend less time taking care of "back office" tasks and focus on building your business?
    • What bookkeeping system should you use?
    • How do you eliminate the piles stacked all over your desk?
    • What tools do you need to work efficiently?
    • Where can you find the small business information you need?
    • What laws affect you and your business?
      Improper organization leads to lost time, frustration, inability to accurately track business finances and even to business failure.
  • You can beat the bottleneck with a few simple tools and techniques.
    80% of business start-ups fail within the first five years. This business failure is often not due to a bad business idea, but to poor planning, lack of organization, and inadequate financial tracking.
    The exciting news here is that with a few simple tools anyone can get ahead and stay ahead of the organizational bottleneck that strangles the life out of so many young companies. Imagine being able to:
    • access any piece of information at a moment's notice
    • know quickly and easily where your business stands financially
    • have all your appointments, invoices, legal, and tax filing information at your fingertips when you need them
    • eliminate hours each day filing and searching for everything you need - and best of all...
    • have no piles of paper on your desk, your cabinets or your floor.
  • You're an entrepreneur not a paper-pusher
    You are probably a creative person who loves to get things done. The flip side of this is that, if you're like most creative and innovative people, you probably don't like organizing, filing, bookkeeping, budgeting, planning or doing other more mundane tasks. The result is that you:
    • procrastinate
    • stack things up to do later
    • misplace important documents
    • can't find things you've put away
    • don't really know how your business is doing

      If you knew where to start, what tools you needed and how to get everything organized easily you would already be way ahead of the game.

  • Here's the solution you're looking for:
    The best investment you can make as a business owner is learning and implementing the easiest, most efficient, and cost-effective ways to manage your business. Then you can spend the bulk of your time on the moneymaking end of your enterprise. You will also know at any given point where your business stands financially so you can make appropriate decisions regarding production, marketing, purchases, sales, etc.
  • We can help you now
    With over 30 years of experience in small business operations, S.J. Hart, the owner of Hartworks, LLC, can provide you with the tools you need to keep your business running successfully.
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